What is an Adventure Elopement?

The definition of elopement has evolved greatly over the years. What once meant a couple running away, without parental consent to get hitched, now means something way more appealing. An adventure elopement is an intentionally planned wedding day that takes place in nature, focusing solely on the couple, with an emphasis on an intimate experience. The best part about eloping is that YOU make the rules.

How many photos will we receive?

This is a hard question to answer because every couple's elopement day is completely different. From landscapes to number of guests to number of miles hiked, each elopement varies greatly. We pride ourselves in the final gallery delivery, and rest assured, you will receive more epic photos than you know what to do with!

We're self-conscious about how we look in photos. Is it even worth it to have a photographer for our elopement?

We have a documentary style approach of capturing pictures on your big day. As soon as you book us, we start the planning process, and really take the time to ask questions so not only do we get to know you as a couple, but in the process we all become best friends. You won’t even think of us as photographers when the day comes. When the cameras come out, you won’t even be phased. It will feel more like hanging out with your close friends, going on an adventure. We hear it all the time from our couples, “When did you even take that shot?!” We pride ourselves with our approach to documenting your story. You will get a mix of candid and classy posed photos to match your personality and bring out your most beautiful and authentic selves.

Why don’t you photograph “traditional" weddings anymore?

I (Kelly) started my own photography business in 2017, and not shortly after, Alex became the second shooter. While we both loved shooting traditional weddings, we have a much deeper connection with couples who elope because we eloped ourselves. We understand why these couples want to throw the rule book out the window, and do their wedding their own way. We realized we could be an advocate for couples who need that little extra push by sharing our own elopement story, and encouraging them to do the same.

Why do you photograph elopements?

We chose to specialize in elopements because we eloped! We believe that the way you get married matters, and we believe the only way to have a wedding day that is fully focused on the couple, is to forget all of the traditions, and elope. We also believe that every couple deserves to have the best wedding day experience, and we don’t think that’s possible with social expectations, high stress levels, and family drama that comes with the ‘big’ traditional wedding. Trust us, and we will create your wildly unique elopement experience, all while capturing and telling your love story.

Can I include my family or friends in my elopement? What about intimate weddings with a small number of guests?

Absolutely! We love the idea of bringing those closest to you on your intimate wedding!

Will both of you be taking photos on our big day?

When possible. Kelly is the main photographer, and Alex is the guide. While Kelly focuses on taking those epic photos you’re dreaming of, Alex is making sure we are on track, checking coordinates, updates on the weather, and when he can, snapping photos.

Where are you located?

We are located in Colorado! Just south of the city of Denver. We are traveling elopement photographers, and we love traveling to new places, so you tell us where you are dreaming of eloping, and we will be there. We will also do all the location scouting for you, and send you photos of amazing ceremony locations we think you'd love before your big day. We have "bucket list" locations we are dying to work in, check it out on our Elopement Info & Pricing if you're interested in helping both of us check off that bucket list location.

How far in advance should we book?

We don’t book anything more than 18 months in advance, but if you’re wanting to elope soon, we pack up quick. We once planned an elopement in 3 days, it was our own, read all about it on our blog.